Saturday, 22 August 2009

Pros and Cons of being an Avon Rep :)

Well I am an Avon Representitive. Tbh it has many pros and alot of cons too, but on the whole I do like it! :)
- If you have the right customers, and many of them you get quite abit of dosh from the profits :)
- You meet loads of your neighbours, which can lead to new propositions in life. New friendships, the odd romance hopefully and lots more!
- It's something good to put on your CV, it shows you can work well independently, meeting new people, working with money, ordering items, and good time-management skills.
- It isn't too bad for time consuming like other things are. On the whole in an average week it takes me maximum an hour per time I go out and do it, I usually do it twice a week, and when the order is due in I usually go 3/4 times a week, however by that time only a few of the catalgues are still needed to be collected. Therefore it takes around 10 minutes, depending on where abouts on my road the customer lives, and if they talk to me for a long time!
- You find out alot of the gossip from the road, by the old pensioners who seem to know EVERYTHING!! haha!
- It is also good for exersise..walking up and down your road (Or designated road nearby,) a few times a week a couple of times, does wonders for those bums, tums and thighs :)
- Sometimes the customers are really snobby, and look down on you or get really really mardy if their product they ordered is out of stock. Jeeeesh, it's bad! haha!
- When it is cold, and pissing it down and you have ten thousand bags to carry and knock on about a million doors you don't see the point..cos you nearly die from peaumonia.
- When the customers don't leave their brochure outside when you ask them too. (Politely of course) Then are really rude when you go back a few days later and they asked why didn't you collect it on sucha day, and you say 'I called but no one was in' then they blame it on you as if it is your fault that they weren't in!
- It can sometimes get really time consuming, especially the day when the delivery comes, but I suppose getting all the money cancels out this con! :)
...another one which is kinda annoying - I ALWAYS get pervy delivery men! Except for once, when I got the ultimate HOTTIE..but that is another post! :)
On the whole though, the pros outweigh the cons and it's a good way to make some money!
Lucy Reccomends!! :)

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